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Monday, October 29, 2018

A Tailspin

It’s crazy how one single event can set your life on a path so different than where you think you’re heading. For Matt and I, this path started with one crazy weekend filled with torrential downpours, overfilled dams, and record-breaking flooding.

We were living in a 2 bedroom townhome which felt like a mansion compared to the 650 square foot apartment I moved from. It wasn’t updated, it had the tiniest kitchen, and the walls were paper thin, but it was our first home together, and we loved everything about it.

Hurricane Harvey intruded our sweet space. We were located smack dab in between The Barker Reservoir and the Addicks Reservoir – both of which were forced to release water in order to not spill over causing more damage. Our neighborhood was a necessary sacrifice.

Once the waters receded, we had just a couple of days to get our belongings. We walked up and down water soaked stairs and through the moldy hallways holding our breath. Fortunately, most of our things were safe from the flood as our living space was on the 2nd floor. However, everything reeked of the stagnant water that sat in our home for over two weeks.

With the help of the best friends, we moved our things to my childhood home where Matt and I would take some time to decide on our next move. For two months, we lived out of boxes in my bright pink bedroom among the flowery furniture that had been there since I was 5 years old. When we were able to catch our breath, we started house hunting. I researched countless areas and neighborhoods, and Matt and I spent many evenings chatting about what we wanted in our future home over a bottle of red. Were we ready to move out to the suburbs? We were only 25, but we knew we wanted space. We wanted a yard, we wanted trails to walk our dog, and we wanted to feel safe.

One night while going back and forth between two locations, Matt said to me, “Where do you want to be walking a stroller one day?” I closed my eyes to imagine it, and I knew. We settled on a home in the ‘burbs in a new neighborhood still being developed. Most of our friends couldn’t believe we were moving 40 minutes west from the middle of Houston. 40 minutes from our favorite bars, restaurants, and people. We couldn’t describe it – we just had a feeling this was right.

Matt and I moved into our new home the week of Thanksgiving in 2017. After feeling so unsettled for the past two months, we were absolutely elated. I was anxious to get unpacked as I was sick of looking at brown, cardboard moving boxes. We went room by room unwrapping items, decorating, and hanging things on the wall. I was so preoccupied that first week - all out of sorts. But things settled down after a few days, I got back into routine, and I didn’t think twice about it.

We enjoyed the holiday season together in our house filled with friends, family, and Christmas decorations. We bought a huge tree for the living room for the first time, we drove around our new neighborhood admiring Christmas lights, and we spent the entire month of December filled with so much joy. The holidays came and went, and I realized I missed my period completely.

I woke up early with my mind racing. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking back to moving week the month before. There’s no way, I told myself. Unable to shake the feeling, I woke Matt up explaining how nervous I was. He assured me we were fine, I was just late, and it had happened before. He offered to run around the corner for a pregnancy test to put my mind at ease.

We sat there for what felt like the longest 2 minutes of our lives staring at the stick I had turned over to face the ground. The timer went off, and before I reached down to grab it, I knew. I knew what it was going to say – it was an indescribable feeling of certainty. Our life was not about to calm down, our life was about to be turned upside down 

It’s crazy how one single event can set your life on a path so different than where you think you’re heading. One single event can throw your life into a tailspin. However, that tailspin could lead to the greatest adventure you’ve ever experienced.

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