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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Reese's 3 Month Update

How has it only been three months since this little love entered our lives? It feels like Reese has been here all along, and we can’t imagine our world without her.

This month has been so fun. Reese is alert and aware of her surroundings now. She is curious – always staring around quietly as she takes in new places. She loves looking in the mirror, smiling back at us, and making the cutest little sounds. (I called Matt one day while he was at work, “Reese just made a new sound! SHE SAID AAAAAA!” Matt said, “Cool….” #stayathomemomlife) Henry has really warmed up to her this month, and he is never far from her side. 

A few of our favorite things:
Reese LOVES sitting up in her Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat. Now that her head control has improved drastically over the past few weeks, she really enjoys this new perspective. She's NOT a fan of tummy time, and we struggle through just a couple minutes at once. This little floor seat is a great alternative since it gives her a good amount of time off of her head during the day!

Our other most used item right now is her Kick & Play. She will “play” her piano for a solid 15 minutes at a time, and I love to watch her face light up when she hears the sounds. She is also mesmerized by the little toys that hang down! We call her our little Beethoven.

Our biggest highlight this month:
Reese is consistently SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT 7:30pm-7:00am! The bags under my eyes are starting to fade, and wow, what a difference a night of uninterrupted sleep feels like. When we dropped the swaddle and switched to a Halo sleepsack this month, she was able to self soothe with her hands. Now, if she wakes up during the night, she sucks her thumb and quickly falls back asleep without any crying! Hallelujah! 

Our biggest challenge this month:
During month 2, Reese was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. Her little tummy was in so much pain, and I wanted to see her find relief fast. I stopped breastfeeding, and we started her on Nutramigen – a specialized hypoallergenic formula. I gawked at the price tag for one 12 oz. container, but she was a happier baby within 24 hours - worth it. Towards the end of this month, Reese started showing signs of an allergic reaction again. It is the WORST thing in the world knowing there is something wrong with your child and they could be hurting. After consulting with our pediatrician, she recommended we try an even more specialized and broken-down formula called Elecare – dairy free, soy free, and amino acid-based. Home girl has one sensitive tummy. When I looked up Elecare online, I called Matt frantically in TEARS. $45 for one 14 oz. container that would last about two and a half days. TWO AND A HALF DAYS. How in the world were we going to afford this? I just quit my job. We talked to the pediatrician, our insurance company, and boy, did I send many prayers to the big man upstairs. 

After so much back and forth, we got it covered by insurance. A month’s supply for a $35 copay. Cue the tears of joy.

God never gives you more than you can handle. 

Reese Everly, you have your dad and I wrapped around your tiny little fingers. You are a piece of our puzzle we never knew we were missing, and you complete our family in so many ways! Oh, what a joy it is to watch you grow each day. 

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